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Triple A Whitening Serum


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Aesthetic-level Efficacy Without The Pain Of The Needle. Regain Your Glow And Feel Confident!

Packed with a powerhouse of super antioxidants, this breakthrough clinical formulation lightens pigmentation and improves dullness for clear, radiant skin. Potent whitening ingredients Tranexamic Acid and MeritageTM?not only treat dark spots but go one step further to prevent the formation of new ones, revealing your radiance from within. The microencapsulated MeritageTM?is activated only when it touches the skin, delivering an infusion of anti-aging benefits to maintain a natural lustre all day long.

Suitable For:?All Skin Types

Recommended Frequency:?Every night

Key Benefits:

  • Brightens: Treats pigmentation and dark spots and evens out skin tone with unprecedented efficacy, resulting in a beautiful glow that radiates from the skin
  • Age-defying: Decreases the appearance of fine lines, resulting in a firmer facial contour for a more youthful look
  • ?All-day Radiance: Powerful microencapsulated antioxidants are activated when it touches the skin to deliver anti-aging benefits throughout the day
  • Protects: Reduces hyper pigmentation and protects the skin from future sun damage
  • Invigorates: Able to penetrate the deeper layers of skin to plump up skin for a radiant glow


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