No.

Thermage FLX 600s x1 Session


Non-Member Price: $2653

Member* Price: $2388

The above price is for Thermage FLX 600s [2 Zones: Face and Neck] x1 Session

*Annual Membership Fee Of $100 Applicable


*Terms and Conditions*
  1. Maximum buy 2 for each customer.
  2. Restricted to sale on ClearSK Member’s Rewards Day only.
  3. Customer must pre-register and turn up for the event in order to redeem the FREE Fractional Laser
  4. Based on doctor on duty. A top-up fee is required for treatment by the Medical Director.
  5. Service is restricted to the outlet which you purchased the deal from.
  6. Validity of 6 months. An extension is allowed upon topping up 20% of the package value.
  7. Full payment must be made before using the treatment.
  8. The item is not transferable.


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