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[PREMIUM] Sculptra Collagen Fillers Whole Face x3 + RF Plus Tighten Face x3


*Annual Membership Fee Of $100 Applicable


Premium packages have the following exclusive benefits, not available to Basic packages:

  1. Validity is 2 times longer: 12-month validity instead of 6-month validity.
  2. Choice of Medical Director to perform your treatment.
  3. Each session comes with one Free hydrating mask which can be administered by a therapist. The customer may wish to bring home the free mask if you are short of time.

Sculptra collagen booster – the most natural facelift!

When you age, your skin’s natural collagen supply decreases and you may start to notice wrinkles and facial aging. Therefore, Sculptra tackles the root cause of aging by stimulating collagen growth to replenish the ones lost. Unlike collagen creams or supplements which only touch the surface layer of your skin, Sculptra will gradually restore volume to facial wrinkles and folds from within, giving you a softer and youthful appearance.

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*Terms and Conditions*
  1. If you are a First-Time-User (FTU), you may enjoy the above price with no minimum purchase. FTU means you are buying this item from our clinic for the first time.
  2. Premium single-session treatment have a validity of 6 months. Premium treatment package have a validity of 12 months. An extension is allowed upon topping up the difference to non-member prices.
  3. Full payment must be made before using the treatment.
  4. The item is not transferable.


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