[FTU] Needlesless Infusion Rejuran 2% PDRN For Hydration And Elasticity


Want that coveted “Korean Glass Skin” but don’t have time for a 9-step beauty routine? Then you are going to love our solution for you!

If you ever wondered how beauty bloggers/celebrities can maintain their dewy luminous hydrated skin despite their busy schedules, chances are they had some help from the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry: Rejuran 婴儿针 and Skin Boosters 水光针!

Rejuran heals your skin from within and stimulates collagen production to reverse ageing while Skin Boosters provides intense hydration to plump up your skin.

Used together, these two powerhouses can help you achieve a semi-permanent “glass skin” that’s bound to draw compliments from your friends and family! Book your treatment now and experience the “Korean Glass Skin” effect!

The above price is for 1 session comprising 1mL Rejuran 2% PDRN.

Maximum quantity 4.



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