FTU Hifu Body Sculpting x 1


Non-Member Price: $109

Member* Price: $98

*Annual Membership Fee Of $100 Applicable


Here’s why customers love our Doctor-designed Hifu body sculpting program:

✅ HIFU delivers ultrasound energy into the deeper layers of the body and destroys the targeted fats
✅ Collagen is stimulated to tighten the skin = a toned body
✅ Immediate visible results after 1 session
✅ Results are cumulative which means longer-lasting effect
✅ Non-surgical, Non-invasive
✅ Zero Downtime

*Terms and Conditions*
  1. If you are a First-Time-User (FTU), you may enjoy the above price with no minimum purchase. FTU means you are buying this item from our clinic for the first time.
  2. Full payment must be made before using the treatment.
  3. The item is not transferable.


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