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[$298/session] 3A Whitening Cell Booster 1mL by DEP x5 Sessions


Non-member Price: $1,656

Member* Price: $1,490

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Packed with super antioxidants Tranexamic Acid, HA and MeritageTM, this breakthrough clinical formulation lightens pigmentation and improves dullness for clear, radiant skin. The 3% high concentration of brightening powerhouse Tranexamic Acid, highest possible outside of the clinic, not only helps to treat dark spots, but also improves the overall skin tone for a brighter, more even complexion. Coupled with age defying microencapsulated MeritageTM, enjoy an infusion of anti-aging benefits to maintain a natural lustre all day long.

Key Benefits:

  • Brightens: Treats pigmentation and dark spots and evens out skin tone with unprecedented efficacy, resulting in a beautiful glow that radiates from the skin
  • Age-defying: Decreases the appearance of fine lines, resulting in a firmer facial contour for a more youthful look
  • ?All-day Radiance: Powerful microencapsulated antioxidants are activated when it touches the skin to deliver anti-aging benefits throughout the day
  • Protects: Reduces hyper pigmentation and protects the skin from future sun damage
  • Invigorates: Able to penetrate the deeper layers of skin to plump up skin for a radiant glow

Terms and Conditions

  1. Single-session treatments have a validity of 3 months. Treatment packages have a validity of 6 months. An extension is allowed upon topping up the difference to non-member prices.
  2. Full payment must be made before using the treatment.
  3. The item is not transferable.


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