[$252/session] Ultra RF 2-in-1 Slimming For Fat Reduction x8 Sessions


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Have you been exercising regularly and yet just cannot seem to shed those extra few inches? Hard fat, also known as visceral fat, is located deep in the abdominal cavity and fill the spaces between our internal organs. Hard fat affects your metabolic rate and increases your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes amongst other problems. Regular exercise may not be enough to eliminate this fat. Eliminating hard fat and the fat along the bra-line, waist, thighs, legs and arms, while keeping the skin firm can be an extremely difficult process to achieve without the help of technology.

Ultrasound FatBlast is a FDA-approved non-invasive, painless and safe fat-blasting treatment. Cavitation ultrasound breaks up stubborn fat, selectively rupturing fat membrane without affecting the surrounding organs. The emission of high frequency ultrasound on the skin produces pressure changes in the fluid content of the fat tissue and creates micro bubbles, which first implode then burst and are destroyed. The fat content of these cells are fragmented and are naturally eliminated through the urinary and lymphatic systems.

After the first session, a reduction in the volume of fat is evident, with skin becoming tighter and cellulite disappearing slowly but surely. This treatment is completely painless and safe, which is worth considering compared to other traditional fat reduction treatments, such as liposuction.

This body treatment is available at our aesthetics centres.

What is the treatment like?

During treatment, you will hear a resonating buzzing or ringing sound. A conducting gel will be applied onto the treated area, while a tolerable pressure in continuous motion will be applied onto the skin, inducing a physical motion of breaking up the fat. Each session has lasts between 30 to 45 minutes depending on the number of areas being treated.

How long will it take to see results?

Our medi-consultants usually recommend at least 2 sessions for low to moderate fat reduction. However, more sessions may be required for larger fat volume reduction. For optimal results, we recommend between 6 to 10 sessions at weekly intervals.

Within a few days after the first session, a reduction in volume of fat is evident. Skin becomes tighter and cellulite will slowly become less evident. Over the course of the treatment, a more sculpted and slimmer body emerges.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

While this treatment is safe and effective for most customers, it is not suitable for those who are pregnant or those with pacemakers, metal implants, neurological conditions like epilepsy, tumours, liver or kidney problems. Customers who have very dry, thin and sensitive skin, have a skin infection, or who have recently gone for skin peels, hair removal or fillers should are advised against undergoing this treatment until they are fully recovered. Our highly qualified medi-consultants will also evaluate and advise on the treatment and expected results based on individual health assessments.

Complementary Treatments

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Are there any side effects?

Customers with very thin or dry skin may experience some skin irritation or abrasions, which are alleviated by applying moisturiser onto the treated areas. Most customers experience little or no discomfort with the sensation felt akin to getting a “warm massage”.

Is there any post treatment care?

The key to maintaining long lasting results lies in having a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of exercise. We advise against having heavy meals and caffeine 2 hours before and after treatment. Regularly moisturising the skin helps maintain the reduction of cellulite.

Watch Dr Shiau Explain the Magnetic RF Slimming Body

Terms and Conditions

  1. Single-session treatments have a validity of 3 months. Treatment packages have a validity of 6 months. An extension is allowed upon topping up the difference to non-member prices.
  2. Full payment must be made before using the treatment.
  3. The item is not transferable.


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