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Heliocare Ultra-D Oral Sunblock


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Unveil Your Natural Fairness!

Capsules with high content in?Fernblock?, which increase the skin’s resistance to the sun from the first capsule as well as neutralise and repair sun damage. Homogeneous protection is achieved in combination with topical photoprotection, for hard-to-reach areas (scalp, eyes, ears, etc).

Key Benefits


  • Fernblock?repairs existing damage in the cellular level, preventing cell mutation and premature skin aging.


  • The high Fernblock?content grants a high level of photoprotection in people who are sensitive to the sun.


Fernblock?: An extract of a fern that provides UV protection, prevents premature skin aging and hyperpigmentation.

Vitamins:?Bolstered with lycopene, lutein, vitamin C and vitamin E, Heliocare Ultra Oral has additional antioxidant benefits and also, has the abilities to protect the eyes from UV rays.

Lutein:?Provides protection from eye damage, and known to improve vision.


Consume 30 minutes before sun exposure. Take one capsule a day for daily sun exposure. 2 capsules a day for intense sun exposure ? one in the morning, another one 3 hours after first dose


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