Deep Skin Renew Mosaic Laser For Scars


Non-member Price: $939
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Mosaic™ is one of the most effective scar treatments with minimum downtime. Its revolutionary advanced resurfacing laser based on fractional technology uses ultra fine laser beams to puncture the skin while leaving the healthy, surrounding tissue untouched.

The result is a wound healing process on the area of skin treated that stimulates natural collagen remodeling that not only treat scars but also other skin conditions on virtually any part of the body, revealing newer younger skin.

These untreated zones help dissipate energy so that the treatment areas heal faster. The energy stimulates significant collagen renewal for a rejuvenated skin.

Key Benefits

– Improve Skin Laxity

– Diminish Burn Scars

– Reduce the Size of Prominent pores

– Smooth Skin Tone & Texture

– Fade Uneven Discoloration

– Even Out Acne Scars & Pits

– Soften Wrinkles & Fine Lines


The above package comprises of 3 sessions of Deep Skin Renew Mosaic Laser.

Minimum quantity 2.

*Annual Membership Fee Of $100 Applicable



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